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Women’s Underwear Size Guide

With fabric designed by Tencel ModalMicro, our size-inclusive underwear range is three times softer than cotton. Our Women’s Underwear range is comfortable, body-responsive, and itch-free, protects your privates from irritation & sweat, and enhanced breathability keeps you fresh even in hot environments. We’ve styles ranging from bikinis briefs and hipsters to boyshorts and thongs.

To check out your underwear size, keep scrolling below.

Check out our simplified size guides to find your perfect fit in 3 easy steps:

Our underwear size chart works the same way as any other size chart, which means the first step is knowing your measurements; for that, all you need is your trusty measuring tape. Remember that not all underwear charts are the same, so knowing your measurements is necessary when shopping for underwear.

Measure Hip Size

Stand on a level surface with your feet together to measure your hips. Measure around the fullest part of your hips and butt, keeping the tape parallel with the floor. Easy as that!

Measure Waist Size

Measure your waist by bending to one side, and mentally note where your waist naturally indents in your torso. Then, wrap the measuring tape around your natural waistline, keeping the tape parallel to the floor with one finger between your body and the tape for a more comfortable fit.

Refer to our Fit Guide below to find your underwear size


Inches Cms
Size Hip Size (CMIN) Waist Size (CMIN)
XS 80-85 63-67 31-32 25-26
S 85-90 68-72 33-34 27-28
M 90-95 73-77 35-36 29-30
L 95-100 78-82 37-38 31-32
XL 100-105 83-87 39-40 33-34
2XL 105-110 88-92 41-42 35-36
3XL 110-115 93-98 43-44 37-38
4XL 115-120 99-103 45-46 39-40
5XL 120-125 104-107 47-48 41-42

Bikini Underwear

Our puresoft micro modal bikini briefs for women are designed to provide essential coverage. Modelled after classic bikinis, it provides unrestricted movements and is three times softer than cotton. Fundamental, not rudimental.


Hipsters & Bare Hipster Underwear

Our hipster briefs for women are designed for ultimate comfort. The supportive and modern design is size-inclusive, and our hipsters are a classic-yet-new addition to your underwear drawer essentials.


Cheekies Underwear

Our women's cheekies are functional essentials. The supportive and modern design offers protection from harmful bacteria and enhanced breathability, moisture absorption, and quick drying, protecting you from skin infections.


Boyshorts Underwear

Our anti-chafe boyshorts for women are seamless & fit like a glove. Our boyshorts are designed to provide additional coverage with full-length wings and no bunching. Say goodbye to runs and rides with these comfortable and functional boyshorts.


Thongs Underwear

Our anti-itch thongs for women are designed to give you maximum comfort and uninterrupted softness from start to finish. Rediscover what a thong was always meant to be.


Some signs that show your underwear doesn't fit:

One of the main signs your underwear doesn’t fit is if you notice skin bulges around your hips or love handles. If this occurs, we recommend either trying the next size up or switching to a style that provides more coverage and support. Restricted leg movement is another sign that your underwear is too small. If the seams dig into your thighs to the point of causing marks, it might be time to give your legs some much-needed breathing room. Some of the more obvious indications of ill-fitting underwear include constant wedgies, loose waistlines, and that uncomfortable sagging of excess material.

Should women's underwear be tight or loose?

Underwear fit should never be too tight or too loose. You’re looking for that treasure when a pair enables comfort and movement but still gives you all the coverage and support you desire.

How to tell if underwear is too small?

If you’re feeling restricted by your underwear, they gotta go. If it leaves marks on your skin after you take them off, they gotta go. If your underwear makes the skin around your hips bulge, they must go! Try a size up and see how you feel.

How to tell if your underwear is too big?

Getting wedgies? What about a loose waistline that you constantly have to adjust or sag in your booty area? Yeah, your underwear might be too big. Try going down a size or two.

Should you size up or size down women's underwear?

When underwear fits appropriately, in most cases, it should feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. They should lie smoothly under your clothes, and the waistband should be flat against your skin. Bearing this in mind, you shouldn’t be sizing up or down but instead trying to find the pair that feels like a second skin.

Does underwear fabric impact fit?

Much like with clothing, underwear fabric significantly impacts overall fitness.