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Women's Essentials

Style: Crew Neck Tee X
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Women's Tee Crew Neck

Lilac Wine
799 INR 599 INR
Sand Dune
799 INR 599 INR
China White
799 INR 599 INR
Blue Ivy
799 INR 599 INR
Jade Green
799 INR 599 INR
Noir Black
799 INR 599 INR

Shopping Women’s Underwear Online

Tired of wearing the regular cotton underwear without comfort?

Tailor and Circus provide a wide range of Women’s Underwear styles. With fabric designed by Tencel ModalMicro, our collection is three times softer than cotton.

Our Women’s Underwear range is comfortable, body-responsive, and itch-free, protects your privates from irritation & sweat, and enhanced breathability keeps you fresh even in hot environments.