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Body Responsive

Jersey for Indian Racing League

Official Merchandise


Anti Microbial Protection


  • Hoodie
  • Polo
  • T Shirt


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Details about Product - Polo

Tailor & Circus polo jerseys for the Indian Racing League put you in the race. The official jerseys are made using 100% polyester with a collared neckline, short-length sleeves, & mid-waist length. This racing jersey is UV resistant, anti-microbial, and moisture wicking along with being shrink & stretch resistant. The dry-fit wrinkle-resistant polo jerseys come in standard sizes and are available for all the team supporters for the Indian Racing League.

Why is Tailor & Circus Good for you?

Tailor & Circus is about the promise of comfort. We are serious about softness. We are committed to inclusivity. And we are deeply focused on creating the most comfortable underwear-wearing experience for you.

Our collection of PureSoft Modal Micro underwear for women includes bikinis , hipsters  , boyshorts, cheekies, bare hipsters, and thongs. Our collection of PureSoft innerwear includes trunks, boxers, boxer briefs, and everyday briefs for men. We also sell an enhanced range of cotton t-shirts for men, blended with our signature Beechwood modal to give you the best of both worlds. These are available in round-neck and v-neck styles; and vests for men.

Our collection of PureSoft ModalMicro bras for women includes lounge bras, padded plunge bras, and adjustable triangle bras. We also sell an enhanced range of cotton tanks & t-shirts for women blended with our signature Beechwood modal to give you the best of both worlds. The essentials are available in round-neck tee and racer-back tanks for women.

Our maternity range of PureSoft ModalMicro innerwear for women has nursing-friendly maternity bras and c-section-friendly maternity panties.

You can also match the fun prints and essential solid underwear with your bras and make a set of bras and undies on your own or match the underwear with your partner .

We test our products on people of all shapes and sizes. Our size range is wider than all other underwear brands, as we want to offer as specific a pattern as possible for your unique size.

Our fabric is body-responsive, and our anti-microbial finish ensures you remain irritated and itch-free. Modal is naturally breathable, and it's one of the reasons you know, we know what you need when it comes to underwear in tropical weather.

We are also committed to improving the quality of life for every worker at our factory and each article of clothing you buy from us goes some way in allowing us to work towards paying an Internationally Recognised Living Wage at all our manufacturing units. We believe in building from the bottom up.

Are we green? How serious are we about sustainability and the environment?

Tencel™ ModalMicro is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world, manufactured entirely in a closed-loop, self-afforesting system built around Beechwood trees in Austria.

Learn more  about Tencel™, and what blends of different unique compositions we use in our products sometimes along with A-grade cotton. We also use 100% plastic-free packaging across the board and our little bags double as underwear laundry hampers.

What does Body Positivity mean to us?

We are serious about representation, and our entire founding platform is built on inclusivity. We recognize the importance of increasing visibility at an advertising and multimedia level and we continue to research and develop products for people of all sizes, for people between sizes, and for people whose differently abled bodies require differently functional underwear.

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