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Anti Microbial Protection

Enhanced Breathability

Eco Friendly Botanic Fibre

3x Softer than Cotton

Sustainably Sourced

Body Responsive

  • Briefs
  • Trunks
  • Boxer-briefs
  • Boxers
  • Crew Neck Tee
  • V-Neck Tee
  • Vests

Boxer-briefs - TENCEL™ Modal Micro

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4.9 | 573 Reviews
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  • Mahesh Maniyeri
  • 10-10-2023
  • Size: L

Best ever!

I have tried many brands but I prefer T&C over all the others. The fabric they used is so comfy, I don't think I will ever go back.

Sizing: Fits well
  • nandalal viswanath
  • 6-10-2023
  • Size: L

Comfort at best

The present set of purchase is very comfortable and the elastic band is of better quality unlike the previous purchase made a few months back

Sizing: Fits well
  • Sean Mathew
  • 13-9-2023
  • Size: L

Best Briefs/Boxers/Underwear I’ve ever worn

Super soft and breathable and fits perfectly! No other brand compares! 10/10

Sizing: Fits well
  • Manoj Annamalai
  • 30-8-2023
  • Size: 3XL

Soft and comfortable

Fit was comfortable and the material is soft

Sizing: Fits well
Details about Product - Men's Boxer Briefs

Our boxer briefs for men combine the longer leg of the boxer while giving you a hug-like fit of the classic brief. Designed by experts, these boxer briefs are made of premium materials and innovative features to provide the ultimate underwear experience, with a mid-rise soft yet strong elasticated waistband. The men's boxer briefs come in a rectangular-cut structure and give full coverage with mid-thigh legs & seamless sides. In addition, the men's boxer briefs are resistant to chafing and have longer leg lengths, adaptive fit pouch and leg-opening, cut-sew rear, and don't ride up. Available in sizes from XS - 5XL, the boxer-brief are made with our signature PureSoft Tencel™ Modal Micro fabric. In addition, these boxer briefs have a bi-layer gusset, are more absorbent than regular, are made from hypoallergenic, and have flat seams. This is the ultimate in the body-responsive fitting. And sexy to boot.

Sturdy Grip

Our boxer-briefs feature a soft yet strong mid-rise elasticated waistband that provides a sturdy grip without digging into your skin. It ensures a comfortable fit that stays in place without rolling or bunching up, giving you peace of mind throughout the day.

Smart Structure

The complete coverage design with mid-length legs, seamless sides, and cut-sew back for our men’s boxer briefs offer a smart structure that provides a sleek and modern look. The seamless sides and cut-sew back eliminate irritation and chafing, ensuring maximum comfort.

Sporty Fit

Our boxer briefs for men are designed with a gym-friendly pouch that provides support during physical activities. The adaptive stretch mid-thighs prevent ride-up, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit during workouts or sports activities.

Peak Goodness

Elevate your comfort with our boxer-boxers, crafted from a highly breathable and hypoallergenic fabric three times softer than cotton. Experience ultimate comfort against your skin, keeping you fresh and comfortable all day.

Moisture Absorbent

Stay dry and comfortable with our moisture-absorbent boxers. Featuring a bi-layer gusset design and quick-drying fabric, they keep you feeling fresh and dry even during extended wear.

Body Responsive

Maximise comfort with our body-responsive boxer briefs. The 4-way stretch fabric and adaptive flat seams allow unrestricted mobility, providing a comfortable fit that moves with your body's natural motions. Say goodbye to discomfort and enjoy the freedom of movement.

Pick your style of Men's Boxer-briefs

Solid Colours in Men's Boxer Briefs

Reds, Blues, Greens. We have shades and hues of each. We also stock the staples - blacks and whites in boxer-briefs across sizes.

Prints in Men's Boxer Briefs

Our prints are made to be a piece of art you can wear. We pay attention to every detail in our prints and each element is designed individually as it becomes the basis for the next piece in the puzzle. A puzzle that unfolds as bits of softness on your body. 

Patterns in Men's Boxer-briefs

Tailor & Circus pattern boxer-briefs are an exercise in the beauty of repetition. We make our patterns to amplify the natural geometry of everyday life. Stripes, Squares, Dots, Spots, we use them all in crafting shapes and forms in bursts of colour for our men's underwear collection.

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What is a men's boxer brief?

Boxer briefs blend the characteristics of two men's underwear styles: they have the longer leg of boxer shorts but fit snugly like briefs. Introduced in the 1990s, they are frequently chosen for athletic activities and provide a sleek, slim appearance under trousers for daily wear.

Why do most guys wear boxer briefs?

Boxer briefs strike a balance between loose and snug underwear, making them versatile for everyday use. If you're not heavily into sports but occasionally engage in an hour or two of exercise, boxer briefs could be your reliable choice.

Is the boxer brief good for men?

Boxer briefs strike the right balance between safeguarding and allowing comfort for your private areas. They extend coverage to your inner thighs, unlike briefs, without being too constricting. Micromodal boxer briefs also provide chafing, moisture wicking, and quick drying feasibility.

Why is Tailor & Circus Good for you?

Tailor & Circus is about the promise of comfort. We are serious about softness. We are committed to inclusivity. And we are deeply focussed on creating the most comfortable underwear-wearing experience for you. 

Our collection of PureSoft innerwear includes trunks, boxers and everyday briefs for men. 

We also sell an enhanced range of cotton t-shirts for men, that are blended with our signature Beechwood modal to give you the best of both worlds. These are available in round neck, v-neck, and pre-shrunk vests for men.

We test our products on men of all shapes, and across all sizes. Our size range is wider than all other underwear brands as we want to offer as specific a pattern as possible for your unique size. 

Our fabric is body responsive and our anti-microbial finish ensures you remain irritation and itch-free. Modal is naturally breathable and it's one of the reasons you know, we know what you need when it comes to men's underwear in tropical weather. 

We are also committed to improving the quality of life for every worker at our factory and each article of clothing you buy from us goes some way in allowing us to work towards paying an Internationally Recognised Living Wage at all our manufacturing units. We believe in building from the bottom up. 

Are we green? How serious are we about sustainability and the environment?

 Tencel™ ModalMicro is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world, manufactured entirely in a closed loop, self afforesting system built around Beechwood trees in Austria. 

Learn more about  Tencel™, and what blends of different unique compositions we use in our products sometimes along with A-grade cotton.  We also use 100% plastic-free packaging across the board and our little bags double as underwear laundry hampers.

What does Body Positivity mean to us?

We are serious about representation, and our entire founding platform is built on inclusivity. We recognise the importance of increasing visibility at an advertising and multimedia level and we continue to research and develop products for people of all sizes, for people between sizes and for people who's differently abled bodies require differently functional underwear. 

Is this also for kids?

While we are working on a completely kids exclusive collection that will be inspired by similar value systems that our maternity range is designed around, our size range begins from XS which could make it comfortable for older children. 

They will also be greatly protected by our Antimicrobial wash that creates a shield against bacteria, fungus and germs. 

What's matching underwear? 

Matching underwear or couples underwear is built around freeing underwear, and clothing from the restrictions of gender influenced bias such as blue for boys and pink for girls. All our prints are made from scratch, each element meticulously illustrated to give you a piece of art everyone can love. 

These prints are identical across men and women styles, and often our entire collection. Not only can you now sync with anyone you like, you can also enjoy the truth of being in clothing that is liberated from binary bias. A couples underwear set like none other - meet your match with pure softness.

Why boxer briefs are good for men?

If you're looking for a comfortable and supportive choice, boxer briefs are the way to go. Boxer briefs offer the best of both worlds - the coverage of boxers and the support of briefs. The snug fit and longer leg length provides support and coverage while still allowing for freedom of movement. The boxer briefs for men are ideal for whether you're working out or just running errands.

From classic neutrals to bold prints, you can find your fitting boxer brief in the body-responsive and breathable fabric; you can be sure our boxer briefs will last through frequent use and washing. In addition to their comfort and support, boxer briefs offer a more streamlined and stylish look than traditional boxers. So if you're looking for an underwear choice that's both comfortable and fashionable, boxer briefs are the way to go.

Will these boxer briefs keep men comfortable under formal wear during the monsoon?

As the monsoon rolls in, dressing comfortably and appropriately becomes crucial, especially for formal occasions. Our specially curated range of men's boxer briefs addresses this need, ensuring superior comfort and style beneath your formal attire. 

These boxer briefs for men are crafted from premium, moisture-wicking materials that keep you dry and at ease even amidst the high humidity of the rainy season. We offer an eclectic mix of designs ranging from men's printed boxer briefs with subtle, tasteful patterns that add a dash of personality to solid boxer briefs in classic shades that speak of timeless elegance. 

The perfect blend of the form-fitting design of briefs and the extended coverage of boxers, these boxer briefs provide excellent support and a seamless silhouette under your formal wear. Make the monsoon season effortlessly comfortable with our men's boxer briefs, which perfectly marry functionality, comfort, and formal elegance.

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