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Men’s Underwear Size Guide

With fabric designed by Tencel ModalMicro, our size-inclusive underwear range is three times softer than cotton. Our Men’s Underwear collection is comfortable, body-responsive, and itch-free; it protects your privates from irritation & sweat, and enhanced breathability keeps you fresh even in hot environments. We’ve styles ranging from briefs and trunks to boxer briefs and boxers.

To check out your underwear size, keep scrolling below.

Check out our simplified size guides to find your perfect fit in 3 easy steps:

Our underwear size chart works the same way as any other size chart, which means the first step is knowing your measurements; for that, all you need is your trusty measuring tape. Remember that not all underwear charts are the same, so knowing your measurements is necessary when shopping for underwear.

Measure Waist Size

Using a flexible measuring tape, measure just under your belly button where your waistband usually hits. Keep the measuring tape flat against your body and parallel to the floor.

Measure Hip Size

This is the widest part of your butt region. Close your eyes and sensually rub your hands down your sides while imagining you’re a sexy lady. Stop and open your eyes when you get to the sumptuous curves of her hourglass figure. Those are your hips!

Measure Inseam

The inseam runs from the crotch of your underwear to the bottom of the leg. To measure, place tape along the inside leg, from the crotch seam to the opening.

Refer to our Fit Guide below to find your underwear size


Inches Cms
Size Waist Size (CMIN)
XS 68-72 27-28
S 73-77 29-30
M 78-82 31-32
L 83-87 33-34
XL 88-92 35-36
2XL 93-99 37-39
3XL 100-108 40-42
4XL 109-115 43-45
5XL 116-121 46-48

Briefs for Men

Our classic briefs for men are built to give you the ultimate combination of comfort, style, and functionality. The men's briefs are engineered to provide unparalleled comfort and support all day by offering you an adaptive pouch with a responsive fit, available in sizes from XS - 5XL.


Trunks for Men

Our modern trunks for men are built to give you a fine blend of comfort, style, and performance. The men's trunks come in a square-cut structure and give full coverage with smaller legs & seamless sides; and are made with our signature PureSoft Tencel™ Modal Micro fabric to mark it all on your underwear essentials list.


Boxer Briefs for Men

Our boxer briefs for men are the ultimate fusion, the longer leg of the boxer while giving you a hug-like fit of the classic brief; they come in a rectangular-cut structure and give full coverage with mid-thigh legs & seamless sides. This is the ultimate in body-responsive fitting.


Boxers for Men

Our boxers for men are the definition of leisure, combining comfort & protection. Available in sizes from XS - 5XL, the boxers are three times softer than cotton & more absorbent than regular boxers, dry quicker, are made from hypoallergenic fabric, and have flat seams. These are ideal for feeling naked and staying protected, made with love for a friend, not a fighter.


Some signs that show your underwear doesn't fit:

Finger Not Sliding in the Waistband

We recommend you do the finger test. If you can slip a finger in there comfortably - meaning that the elastic is not squeezing your finger tightly to your body - then you have a good waist fit.

The Thighs Feel the Pressure

If the stitch feels like digging into your skin, riding or rolling up, it means you need to size up the present size is tight and can restrict blood flow.

It’s Just Too Snug

No, it’s not. If your privates feel stuffed constantly, and the pouch doesn't seem to adapt its shape and expand, you need to size up.

Just Adjusting the Band

If you’re constantly adjusting your waistband, as it moves around with your pants as you get up and sit, it’s loose, and you might need to size down a bit.

Some things that you need to consider while buying underwear:


There are various styles because we have various preferences. Briefs are comfortable if you wish to have a snug fit, and trunks give better courage and comfort, whereas boxer briefs are a fusion of a fit like briefs & coverage like boxers.


The underwear comes in all kinds of fabric, from cotton to spandex; look out for a breathable fabric that is absorbent and dries quicker, prevents bacterial growth, and is softer to your skin. Comfort is paramount.


Choose a style that fits what you do, if you prefer casual clothing, briefs, trunks for formal pants & trousers, boxer briefs for a sporty fit, and boxers to lounge.