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What is the 100% satisfaction guarantee on my purchase?

We will provide a replacement to your very first product (your first piece of underwear or lounge bra) on your first order, in case you have a size or fit-related issue. The first product is yours, you can hold onto it and keep it with you, without having to send it back under the 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we are not able to replace this for you, we will fully refund the cost of that first pair (applicable on a single piece of underwear or bralette).

 Please do remember that this only applies to very first product that you order, which is a single piece of underwear or bralette. If you’d like to let us know that you are unhappy with the fit or the style of the first pair you purchased, send an email to with your Order ID, the issue and the correct size along with the subject line ‘My first pair of underwear don’t feel right!

 If you have ordered an Underwear Pack as your first order, do not worry. We know it can be difficult to choose the perfect size when it comes to shopping online and our satisfaction guarantee gives you the freedom to try on the first product you have ordered to see how you feel in it. If you find that the first pair does not fit, we will send you a replacement for the first one you have tried. For the remaining products in the pack, we can exchange them as long as they are still in their original packaging and condition (it should not be opened, washed or tried on even once). This follows the normal return and exchange policy.

Still Confused?

Let’s say you ordered a 3-pack pair of Bikinis in 2XL size as your first order. You tried on one of the pieces and you felt it was too small. Now what?

Send us an email to with your order number, the issue and correct size you would like and the subject line ‘My first pair of underwear don’t feel right!’. On receiving your email, we will get on your issue immediately. We’ll arrange for the remaining two that have not been used to be picked up by our team, and send you three new awesome pairs of underwear

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