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Tencel™ fibers are the perfect ingredient for high-quality lingerie and fine underwear. They lightly embrace your body with such a gentle touch of softness they practically go unnoticed.

One of the most outstanding qualities of TENCEL™ fibers is the ability to enhance breathability. The smooth fiber surface absorbs and releases moisture efficiently and supports the body’s natural thermal regulation.


Overall, the industry produces close to 100 million tons of fibres every year. And the figures are growing.


Each Lenzing fiber in your Tailor and Circus product is made of cellulose, a natural component of Lenzing renewable source material wood. This is at the core of our model.

Lenzing utilizes all valuable components that the renewable and natural raw material offers from sustainably managed plantations. Growing trees feed on sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. At the end of the fibre cycle, cellulose disintegrates into its native substances and prepares the ground for new plants to grow.

The water used for production is used over and over and recirculated into the system. This results in a perfectly sustainable circular model.

The miracle of nature is our inspiration.

Learn more about Lenzing sustainability practices.

At Tailor & Circus, we believe in the concept of circular economy and closed-loop processes. We dedicate our innovative spirit and engineering excellence to solutions that make best possible use of our natural source material and preserve our planet’s resources.

Soft, softer, softest. Softness is the overriding principle. Our exceptional, naturally soft, and smooth feel comes from Lenzing’s Eco Soft technology. The fabrics create a pleasant, almost soothing cool feeling on the skin contributed by the special attributes of TENCEL™ fibres.

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Soft to the skin, smooth to the touch, luxurious in shine and flow—they caress the senses. And convince minds with their exceptional capacity for thermal regulation and moisture absorption.


All our products are finished with a heavy metal free Bio-Wash from industry leader Fresche® using a naturally derived anti microbial technology that is highly effective against bacteria, fungus, mould, mildew and odour. It does not interfere with healthy bacteria on your body but instead prevents growth on the fabric. Fresche® is invisible, and does not impact colour, texture, or handling of your product.

Our fabrics offer a broad spectrum of antibacterial, anti-fungal, mould and odour protection on the surface, ensuring it is safe for people, plants, pets and the environment.


Impressively vibrant colors that don’t fade over time: That’s a piece of cake with TENCEL™ Modal Micro fibers. The smooth surface of TENCEL™ fibers allows color dyes to penetrate deeply into the fiber structure, resulting in impressive color brilliance.