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TailorandCircus January 17, 2023

Why you should avoid regular underwear when you’re pregnant and for a while after.

When you’re pregnant, your body grows differently. You’re housing a life within you, and it is as magical as it gets. But it can also pose many challenges. Pregnancy is synonymous with change. Carrying a baby is normally way outside anyone’s comfort zone, and everything from what you eat to how you sleep changes. As your bump grows, you slowly settle in, but it’s never quite completely predictable, and that’s why your comfort is paramount. 

Which brings us to your clothing, but more importantly – your underwear. 

Why is your regular underwear suddenly not good enough?

 Regular undies;

1. Have high-strength elastics that suffocate the navel.

2. Are constructed with a higher front that obstructs umbilical breathing.

3. Drastically slow healing in C-section deliveries.

4.  Usually have synthetic trims

5. Do not expand and allow for room to grow.

6. Lack of discharge absorption 

All these can have a logarithmic impact since you continuously grow and develop a whole human inside you. And these can have an adverse effect on your own body as well. 

What to look for in pregnancy/maternity panties?

We’ve answered this for you.

Why you need Specialised Maternity Panty if you're pregnant
Why you should buy a Maternity Panty?

While stealing your partner’s boxers could be tempting, they probably still don’t quite make the cut for your needs. Instead, seek out a feature focussed, mom-backed Maternity Panty. 

Maternity underwear includes several qualities that make it incredibly comfortable and simple to wear throughout pregnancy and sometimes even beyond because it is made exclusively for moms-to-be. Maternity panties, also commonly referred to as pregnancy panties, are a style of maternity underwear made to provide support, comfort and protection during pregnancy. 

Here’s a checklist of what expecting moms should be looking out for in the perfect pair of maternity panties :

1. Adaptive & Body Responsive Fabric for a mom’s changing body:

Sometimes sizes can change in a single day, and you need underwear that changes with you as many times as you change. 

2. Moisture Wicking & Discharge Absorbent Gusset for uninterrupted comfort:

Anything other than panties made of moisture-wicking absorbent fabric can retain too much moisture and become a bacterial cesspit. Okay, that sounds like an exaggeration, but really; it’s not. Absorption capabilities ensure your sensitive private areas stay clean and dry. Also great for accidental discharges, which are extremely normal. 

3. Breathable and Soft fabrics that remain gentle and light on your skin:

Softness is the overriding principle. Every single inch on your body needs to be light, airy and gentle, but when it comes to your underwear, it’s non-negotiable.

4. Hypoallergenic & Anti-Microbial Fabric:

Like softness, hygiene is also not up for debate. Metal-free anti-bacterial and fungal washes give you all-day protection and prevent microbial accumulation on your underwear, making it that much safer for you to wear for longer times.

So when do you start moving to Maternity underwear?

There is no hard and fast rule, but the second you feel the need for specialized comfort that caters to your new needs – it’s time to make the switch. 

We spent over a year listening to our community of moms and understanding their needs before we even set out to build what we hope is the perfect Maternity Panty. Let us know what you think, and please do bring it to our attention if there’s something we somehow still missed. 

Necessity is at the core of everything we design, comfort is the rest.