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TailorandCircus January 5, 2023

Why Padded Bras Suck? (Why They Don’t)

4 Reasons Why Padded Bras Suck and Why You Should Wear Them
4 Reasons Why Padded Bras Suck and Why You Should Wear Them

Padded and push-up bras are a must-have item for every woman’s wardrobe. However, wearing them periodically, such as at parties and other significant events, is safe.

But is it OK to wear padded bras every day?

When is the ideal time to wear padded bras, and when can you avoid them?

Padded bras have some drawbacks, even though they instantly provide the general frame with a better shape and attractive push, but at a cost. Here are some reasons why the daily use of padded bras is harmful to your health.

Why shouldn’t you wear a padded bra?

Padded Bras are not good for the health.
Why shouldn’t you wear a padded bra?

1. Reduces Melatonin & Causes Sleeping Disorders:

Melatonin controls sleep, and changes in its level lead to sleeping disorders. Due to its unnatural construction and limitations, a padded bra might lower the melatonin in the body, which could ultimately result in sleeping difficulties.

2. Reduces Fluid Circulation & Increase Lumps & Cyst Formation:

The padded bra’s design and the structure they give to the body restrict the movement of lymph liquid, leading to the formation of lumps, fibrous tissues, and cysts in the breasts.

3. Permanent breast damage:

As the breasts press on the chest when wearing padded bras, the circulation of fluids in the breast tissue is reduced. As a result, there is a potential that the tissue will get permanently separated from the primary bodily tissue in extreme circumstances.

4. Damages the natural shape & causes sagging:

The padded push-up bra constantly lifts the breast against gravity and applies additional pressure to the lower breast tissues; the breasts sag and lose their form. While these bras improve the shape momentarily, they irreversibly damage it over time.

On the other hand, padded bras can provide your girls with extra support, a little bit of lift and even shape enhancement, but there are several other benefits in wearing a padded bra other than these.

Why do you need a padded bra?

1. Enhance & Support the usual:

Usually, the intensity of padding and push is responsible for the enhancement you can get while wearing a padded bra, which without surgery or knives, gives you the lift you wish.

The padding not only adds to the usual lift of your regular bras but also gives excellent support to your breasts by making them stay in a state you wish them to for a while.

2. Concealing the obvious:

Nipples could show through sheer shirts when wearing single-layered bras, especially during colder months. This can be pretty embarrassing and uncomfortable for you. In such a circumstance, a padded bra has your back (and front). The padding ensures you stay comfortable and at ease, no matter how sheer your top is or how cold it is.

3. Shaping the matter:

Your go-to should be a padded bra if you want a more rounded appearance, and you’ll be golden. Even if your girls’ sizes aren’t always the same, the good news is that they will appear to be the same with the proper padded bra!

4. Consistent Aesthetic Appearance:

It’s unfortunate when a regular bra with visible seams ruins your fashionable outfit. However, if you wear a padded bra underneath, this won’t ever be an issue. With all your tops, tees, Kurtis, and dresses, the moulded, seamless cups of a padded bra guarantee a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance.

The real question is: Can you get the best of both worlds?

Fortunately, the answer is yes.

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